Well Rehabilitation


Barbour Well, Inc 

has a long and successful history of providing well repair and well rehabilitation services throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and the South Western United States. Our workover rigs and support equipment are designed for expedient mobilization and equipment for the servicing of large agricultural, industrial and municipal groundwater and oil producing wells throughout California

Over time, multiple factors can lead to loss of production in water wells; plugged perforations, worn pumping equipment, casing deterioration, etc. 

In most cases, well rehabilitation is a viable alternative to drilling a replacement well and affords many advantages beyond time and costs savings. A repaired well versus a replacement well eliminates the need and expenses of relocating utilities, pipelines and other well head equipment.

Some of the more common well problems encountered are loss of production, sand and gravel entry, casing damage, poor water quality and excessive fill material.

Barbour has had over 35 years’ experience dealing with these common challenges to existing wells and offer the following solutions. Many of these solutions can be used in combination with each other to increase effectiveness. 

Mechanical Rehab

  • Swabbing (Single and Dual Swab) 
  • Brushing (wire and nylon) 
  • Bailing (removing existing bottom fill)
  • Airlifting (removing existing fill and chemicals) 
  • Fishing (pulling out debris lodged in or existing downhole) 

Chemical Rehab

  • Chlorination and Hyper chlorination 
  • Acid Treatment, (Hydrochloric, Glycolic et al.) 
  • Bio Dispersants
  • Surfactants
  • Custom combination treatments. 
  • Water Samples and Analysis through our partners for identifying best practices of chemical treatments. 
  • Neutralization of chemicals prior to discharge

Percussive Solutions & Jetting

  • Well Jetting
  • Sonic Treatment 
  • Detcord
  • Plasma Pulse Wave (through Arc Wave Technology), P-Wave Pulse technology producing ozone and UV for additional bio cleaning. 

Other Well Rehabilitation and Related Services

  • Swedging or patching wells with excessive holes in casing
  • Liners, essentially a casing inside of a casing to limited sand or formation intrusion when casing is severely compromised.
  • Test Pumping 
  • Well Development 
  • Well Abandonment 
  • Efficiency Testing
  • Preventative Maintenance

For questions or to schedule service, please email info1@barbourwell.com, or call 702-558-5373  (Main Office), Direct Sales, 805-403-8757.