About Barbour Well, Inc.

Barbour Well, Inc. provides drilling, wireline, trucking, and site construction services throughout the Western US. Barbour Well, Inc. specializes in drilling water, oil, gas, and geothermal wells under both day-rate and turn-key contracts and maintains current C23 and A6 contractors licenses in Nevada, a C57/D09 contractors license in California, and current drilling contractor’s licenses in Utah.

Drilling Rig 77

Barbour Well's drilling Rig 77 is a 2007 Taylor RT 5000 Heavy Singles Rig, with a stout square set derrick.

Barbour Well works hard to earn our reputation as the well drilling company that delivers expectations. The majority of our projects are with return customers.

Drilling Rig 117

Barbour Well’s newest addition is a 2012 S&K Heavy Doubles Rig that offers 450,000lb pulling capacity.

Barbour Drilling Equipment is carefully engineered and maintained to achieve optimal levels of efficiency and safety on all drilling projects.