Barbour’s Commitment To Safety

Workplace accidents are costly, preventable, and unacceptable in today’s work environment. Therefore, Barbour is committed to an accident free work environment.  

Barbour is committed to the goal of eliminating all workplace injuries. A commitment not only to the well being and safety of all employees but also vendors, customers and visitors while visiting a Barbour job site is of primary importance.

Barbour believes in preventing workplace injuries by; job planning, identifying potential hazards, identifying near misses and mitigating all circumstances that could potentially lead to on the job injuries.  This goal can be achieved by continuously and systematically improving Barbour’s safety management procedures, reducing hazards, and modifying unsafe behaviors.

Barbour continually reviews the company safety systems to ensure that its processes and mechanisms are effective in protecting workers, the public, and the work environment. Barbour’s safety management system continually evolves as we identify and implement improvements.

Barbour’s proactive approach to safety is seen in the company approach for integrating safety into all phases of work as we progress toward project goals and initiatives. Barbour’s fundamental management philosophies are commitments to our Energy, Geothermal, Mining and Water Well customers for the safe and successful performance of work.

Our crews are trained in the following:

  • MSHA Certified  
  • CPR First Aid Certified
  • 30 Hour OSHA Certified
  • IADC Standard SOPs
  • ISN Qualified
  • SA’s / SOP’s / Tail Gate Sessions
  • Slips Trips & Falls
  • PPE
  • Well Control 

As required: 

–  PASSPORT – Trained Oil Field Experts provide our staff with a Passport style orientation that provides even more than the standardized training already approved by companies such as; Chevron, Aera Energy, Occidental & other major petroleum operators.

–  H2S Training – Professional oil field experts train our staff in programs related to the proper use of and response to incidents involving hydrogen sulfide.

All comments or suggestion on improving safety procedures and practices, as well as information on any unsafe practices are welcome and encouraged. Please contact us at 702-558-5373 or e-mail.

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